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In Arizona, it is called a dissolution of marriage.  Ending a marriage is much more complicated than signing some papers.  There are a number of issues involved when you end a marriage.    We also handle Legal Separations.


Is often the first step in any divorce.  Lisa D. Kiser has overseen mediation between divorcing parties to help narrow issues or come to a complete agreement.  It is important to try and resolve as many issues privately without the need for judicial involvement to save the parties money, time and stress.   

Alimony or Spousal Support

Sometimes after a long marriage, one of the parties requests additional support so that they can get back on their feet after a divorce.  In Arizona, Spousal Support (aka Alimony) can be awarded, but each case is different and there are a number of criteria that the court considers before a court may order support.  

Child Support 

Arizona has specific guidelines that help determine what an appropriate amount of child support should be.  This is to make sure that the child’s needs are taken care and one party does not have to pay for everything which can be difficult and challenging for that parent.  The guidelines are designed to ensure that each parent pays their proportionate share.


Child Custody

This is one of the most contested areas in a separation or divorce. It is important to remember that the court considers what is in the best interests of the child when it comes to Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time.  Typically, the Court orders Joint Legal Decision Making and joint custody where each parent gets equal parenting time.  Of course, there are always exceptions, but generally, this is what occurs. 


Joint Legal Decision Making

 Each parent essentially gets equal say in the major decisions of their child’s life such as religion, education, and medical needs.  If the parents cannot agree on these decisions, then the court may intervene.  Sometimes there is a “primary” parent who will have the last say instead of the court.


Parenting time 

Is what it says it is.  The time a parent gets with their child/ren.  This should be meaningful, quality time with their child/ren to maintain a relationship.  This may change over time, but generally it is equal time. 

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